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What happens when the bloody stories of the past become flesh and blood before your eyes?

You cannot influence their development except to observe as passive spectators.

The pen in his hands reincarnates into a weaponized pistol and the words imprinted on the pages turn deadly.

No one knows who is behind the writing of these three best-selling novels which, while selling thousands of copies a day, were immediately discontinued as they seem to have inspired the serial killer who kills his victims in exactly the same inhuman ways described in these books.

You, as die-hard fans of the anonymous author, discover after much research an address many kilometers outside the city, which is rumored to correspond to the home of the "Ghost" author, and decide to visit him to get your hands on an autograph, if of course he is friendly with you...

Get ready to experience the ultimate horror novel in a vivid and interactive escape experience where fiction and reality are one page apart...

The only thing that is certain is that some stories would have been better if they had never been written...

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