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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

In case any of your questions are not answered, you can contact us here

What are escape rooms?

The escape rooms  are interactive games that take place in specially designed rooms, in which the team is asked to solve certain puzzles using objects inside the room and perform some missions to find an exit from the room. before their allotted time runs out!

Who can play?

HORROR PRODUCTIONS escape rooms are ONLY for adults and  it is mandatory for participants to be over 18 years old, without health problems (Cardiac/Respiratory Problems, Pacemaker, Epilepsy). Also, the rooms are not suitable for pregnant women.

Do we need to make a reservation?

To play in one of our rooms, it is mandatory to book through telephone or through internet selecting the date and time you want to play. You can find out about availability either by phone or through our website

What are the payment methods?

You can pay either with cash or by card in the store!

My group has more / less people than the room limit. We can play;

The rooms should be played with the number of people provided by the site. In case the group has more or less members, we suggest that you play separately in case you are more or visit us at another time when you have gathered a sufficient number of people, in case you are less. However, it is possible to play more than that, but we do not recommend it!

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