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Domatia apodrasis
δωμάτια απόδρασης horror

​​She used to compose melodies here...

Music was her life...


But one moment was enough,


to seal her piano forever ...

escape room
ghost writer

“That day, winter was drowning my house.

Yes, I was as if I had been locked up

in a perpetual torrent of frozen pain.

Before the mirror,

My eyes reflected the nightmare.

First he was telling me how

important I was for him and then ...

He was telling me that love is a game ... "

— Excerpt from the best-seller novel

"Melody of Murder" by anonymous author.

Publications: Candelabra Publishing

escape all athina
horror the ghost writer

"I couldn't imagine what he was capable of doing ...

As I was walking in the hallway, I just got into the house,

appeared from behind me rapidly and tried to drown me

with my own robe I had leave in the laboratory.

I press him with my gold heel on the leg and I manage

to escape and hide Inside the frame from the radiator...

The worst of all is the fact How everything is in his mind ... "

—Excerpt from the best-seller novel "Hexed Chemistry"

of anonymous writer

Publications: Candelabra Publishing


Will you manage to escape from the Writer's House or will you become the Protagonists in his next Book?



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